Wide Leg Pants for Spring

Wide Leg Pants for Spring


My new OBSESSION. Wide leg pants make me feel so crazy comfy while still managing to look polished when working, or playing. These black pants are a perfect starter pair, a great basic in a versatile color. There are some incredible colorful and patterned pairs out there, as well. I have a really cool tribal print pair and while shopping yesterday, I swooned over a watercolor print in pretty pastels. (Some similar ones can be found here, here & here!) I’ve been thinking of them all day… Do you live in and love wide leg pants, too? They’re a welcome relief after years of leggings and skinny jeans! Not that those are banished to clothing purgatory just yet – it’s nice to have been able to mix it up a bit lately!


Capsule Wardrobe Styles

So while only a few outfits in this collection showed up here on the blog, if you click on the link “Capsule Wardrobe Styles” it will take you to Polyvore and the full collection. I came up with 100 different options before I started to go crosseyed looking at these items! I hope you enjoy and maybe these will give you some ideas for your own wardrobe at home! Have a beautiful day. 
~ Sara



Unlimited Possibilities

There are a few basic items that every woman can benefit from having in her wardrobe. I have created what is called a “capsule wardrobe” which is a collection of essential clothing items designed to be interchangeable in order to maximize the number of outfits which can be created. With a capsule collection this large, there are dozens upon dozens of possibilities for outfits. Let’s take a look at the pieces:
  1. T-Shirts, 3 in neutral tones. I like to find ones that have different silhouettes to mix it up a bit. Here I have a standard scoop neck, a slightly cropped boxy one and a drapey, off the shoulder style.
  2. Button-down shirts, 2. While white is a classic that most people recommend, I hate white shirts. I always get them dirty. So, I chose an absolute must, the denim shirt and since a sleeveless option is always good to have on hand, I picked this really vibrant magenta blouse for a pop of color.
  3.  Sweaters, 3 in neutrals. There are three basic types of sweaters but they don’t have ‘basic’ at all. Provided you are coordinating with your other capsule items, just choose a pullover, a turtleneck and a cardigan. This cardigan I chose is an awesome boucle fabric with silk sleeves so its warm, but not too warm for spring or fall.
  4. Tank tops, 2. Now, I say tank tops, but I don’t mean your average, run of the mill cotton tank. Those should be considered disposable items and be replaced every year. These nice tank styles I have picked are sophisticated enough for the office or going to dinner, but still easily dressed down.
  5. Dresses, 2. This is pretty basic for dresses, but having an LBD (little black dress) that is versatile enough to wear during the day and in the evening is one item EVERY girl should have. Also, a maxi dress is pretty handy on a day when pants just won’t do.
  6. Jackets, 2. I really like this blazer and leather jacket combo here. The white blazer is super versatile and will add a little office polish to whatever you’re wearing. The black leather jacket is light enough for spring or fall, but can be worn as a blazer in winter.
  7. Purses, 3. Ladies, listen up. If you are over 30 and don’t have an investment bag yet, start saving. Look for a timeless style (like this tote below) in a quality material – it will last you a lifetime! I won’t say you need to spend thousands, but a quality leather bag is, indeed, a necessity. Also, a cross body bag for errands, concerts and casual days as well as a clutch for your more dressy affairs.
  8. Accessories, varies. I chose some basic gold jewelry here that mixes well with all my clothing items. A pair of drop earrings, a chain necklace, a watch and a statement necklace can be enough. Add some Spanx, a pair of footless tights, a scarf, a belt and a couple pair of sunnies and you are good to go.
  9. Bottoms, 4. Every woman should have a quality pair of boot cut jeans that fit like a glove. If you haven’t found them yet, seek out some expert advice. And invest some money in a good pair. One pair of $300 jeans that look amazing and last for years, are a lot cheaper than buying 2-3 pairs of $50 jeans every single year. Welcome to the Finance of Fashion. Also a pair of skinny jeans (less expensive!) an ankle skimming pair of black pants and a neutral toned maxi skirt will round out your intermixing possibilities. 
  10. Shoes, 6. Finally! Some you should consider buying on the high end, like pumps and boots, others like sandals and flats you can pick up for less. I, personally need to replace my sandals every year, as summer lasts like 8 months here! So look for the following for your collection: Pumps in a neutral tone, knee-high boots, a pair of booties, some sandals, flats you can walk miles in and a pair of comfy shoes, like these TOMS.
I will put up a collection of outfits I made using just these items so you can see for yourself just how many options there are! Tell me, do you have a slimmed down capsule wardrobe or is your closet overflowing with tons of items?
Unlimited Possibilities



Brilliiant Blogger Sets of the Week

The Wrap Dress

At the request of a dear reader I have put together an outfit that is flattering on any body shape.
The wrap dress is a universally flattering look. Popularized by Diane von Furstenburg in the 1970s, and inspired by her divorce, the design has been credited as a symbol of the women’s liberation movement. This iconic style has even been been on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
The wrap dress has several key factors that make it functional and flattering on any body type. 
The “V” neck style elongates the torso while the wrap cinches the waistline. For the oval and rectangle shapes this helps create that visual waistline and gives the illusion of an hourglass silhouette. The “A” line skirt camouflages the lower half for the triangle shapes and adds balance and fullness for the inverted triangle. And for those who already have a natural hourglass shape, this style hugs and enhances your curves.
The next time you are looking for a dress, wrap yourself in one of these beauties. It’s a style that will last for years to come!


~ Sara

The Wrap Dress


Lanvin short dress



MICHAEL Michael Kors calf hair purse
$1,985 – harveynichols.com


Michael Kors chronograph watch
$350 – harveynichols.com




Triangle Body Shape

Up first in our “Dressing for Your Shape” Series:
Triangle Shape – a very common shape. Hips are wider than bust and shoulders.
The goal: minimize lower body and create the visual illusion of a wider upper body. This will help achieve balance and create an hourglass shape.
•Wear wide necklines to create the appearance of wider shoulders
•Full skirts will hide heavy hips and legs
•Draw the eye upward by selecting details at the neck line
•Avoid bulky or straight skirts
•Diagonal lines in clothing styles will flatter your shape
•When choosing prints look for a smaller print as opposed to a large print
•Choose darker colors on the bottom and lighter colors on top
•Define the waist with fitted clothing or belt to give the illusion of an hourglass shape
•Look for tailored skirts and trousers
When choosing accessories you’ll want to look for bold styles. Long, drop style earrings can elongate the neck, look for larger pieces of jewelry like statement necklaces and chunky bangle bracelets to emphasize your best features and draw the eye upward.

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Triangle Body Shape


Oscar de la Renta frilly top



Fendi pants
$680 – stylebop.com


French Connection flower print skirt



Jessica simpson sandals


Louis Vuitton canvas zipper bag
$955 – thehut.com



Yossi harari


Hervé Van Der Straeten bib necklace
$1,955 – net-a-porter.com



Citrine earrings


Tom Ford round eye glasses