Strawberry Fields Forever

Strawberry Fields Forever


It is just SO hot deep in the heart of Texas this time of year. I begin to dream of cool weather and find myself buying tons of sweaters and boots. Silly girl! Summer lasts forever here! Anyhow, I came across this adorable strawberry tee shirt and couldn’t think of a better item to snap me back into the summer groove. A fabulous casual style, jeans and a tee is a classic combination. Paired with some laid back flat sandals and a few accessories you get a great style that can be worn from the strawberry fields to sipping your favorite strawberry cocktail. And I never can resist a good hat! This one has a nice brim to shade your face while working or enjoying the day. Most importantly, always protect your eyes from UV rays with a great pair of shades like these beauties from Classic Specs! Eye glasses and sunglasses start at $89! Check them out!
Artwork by Diogo Ramos Moreira on Behance

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