That Awkward Moment

Ellie’s date night look from #awkwardmomentmovie
I recently had the pleasure of working on a promotional product tie in video for the new Zac Efron movie, That Awkward Moment. We were doing a beauty tutorial on how to recreate the look of “Ellie” played by Imogene Poots. This was a really fun look to recreate, and our model Leah did a great job of channeling the character “Ellie.” I chose this slip dress, a furry cape, leather gloves, ribbed tights and ankle booties to mimic the outfit worn by Imogene Poots in the date night scene. The video will be out by the end of the month as will the movie! If you’d like to recreate the makeup shown in the movie, you’ll be able to purchase the complete makeup look from Beauty Box 5! You can visit their site at

Production: Liberte Doux
Makeup: Thomas Brown
Wardrobe: The Fashion Refinery
Model: Leah Nobel

That Awkward Moment



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