Beach Vacation Essentials

Oh, yes! It is time for a vacation! The husband and I are headed to South Padre Island to have some fun in the sun. As I’m packing up for the week I was thinking about my must have list for a trip to the beach. 

No matter how long you’ll be out in the sun there are a few essential items that every traveler should have:

1. Sunglasses: to keep you from squinting and prevent wrinkles.

2. A sun hat: to protect the sensitive skin on your face and shade your eyes.

3. An e-reader: I LOVE to read. Blogs, books, magazines, whatever. 

4. A swimsuit: to get some sun and look lovely. I have this Esther Williams one from and I love it!

5. Sunscreen: a MUST. Stave off skin cancer and unsightly burns by applying often and using 1oz. per application.

6. Sandals: to keep from burning your feet on hot sand!

7. Lip Balm: I always have Burt’s Bees Pomegranate Lip Balm on me, it feels silky on the lips and has SPF15.

8. Yoga mat: to put under my towel and keep me from getting too sandy.

9. Water: stay hydrated. It’s the best thing you can do for your skin.

In addition, I will be packing lots of maxi dresses, linen shorts and tank tops. I always pack too much, as I need options! Since I will be away, there will be no posts next week on the blog. Sad face, I know. Alas, I have something exciting planned for when I return so stay tuned! Also, follow @thefashionrefinery on Instagram to see pics of what I’m up to while in South Padre!

Until next time ~ Sara


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