Harem Pants at Work

2013 has been flush with harem pants, love it or hate it this tricky trend is everywhere. Harem pants are traditionally pretty baggy, by design the crotch is supposed to look like a skirt, not exactly flattering for many people. However, some slimmer silhouettes have been seen in the modern version of this comfy style.
These Raxevesky Harem pants are a perfect example of this contemporary design. The luxurious tones here are so lovely for fall and look chic while still remaining relaxed and comfortable. For work, I would pair these pants with a simple white top like this viscose Zara blouse. Add a pop of yellow to your toes with a pair of classic pointed pumps similar to these Manolo Blahnik suede ones for a truly polished style. With a bold print like these harem pants sport, I think it best to keep the accessories simple. A pair of stud earrings and a watch are perfect for the office, then you can add some flair with a neutral toned statement piece like this floral necklace from Lori’s Shoes. The beige color isn’t too overwhelming but it still adds some visual interest to the upper half of this outfit. Top it off with a fabulous tote in a rich hue like this Prada tote (dream bag!) shown below and you are ready to work it! Er, rather, work. Nevertheless, you’ll be looking fabulous from head to perfectly-pointed toe.
Thanks for reading! Until next time ~ Sara

Harem Pants at Work


Zara blouse


Raxevsky patterned harem pants
$35 – pret-a-beaute.com






Astley Clarke gold jewelry
$500 – astleyclarke.com


Olivia burton watch
$105 – the-dressingroom.com





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