The Oval Body Shape

Next in our “Dressing for Your Shape” series: the Oval
The oval body shape is defined as a shape with bust, waist and hip measurements that are very close. Typically has smaller shoulders and fullness at the midriff. Also called the diamond shape.
Goal: Mask the waistline or use seams and lines at waist to create visual waistline. Create visual balance at shoulder and hip.
•Balance top half with shoulder pads in tops and jackets
•Choose “v” necklines and vertical design lines
•Medium scale prints work well (not tiny, not oversized)
•Create waist definition with visual accents like seams, darts and line
•Use fuller skirts and wide necklines to create a waistline
•Avoid wide waistbands, cropped pants and oversized dresses
•Careful use of vertical boning and seaming will flatter
•Use dark solid colors underneath lighter outer layers (like a two piece suit with a blouse)
When choosing accessories seek out long necklaces and earrings that can elongate the torso and the neck. Also try bold accessories above the bust-line like brooches and statement necklaces.
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The Oval Body Shape


Dorothy perkin




Rebecca taylor




Ted baker


Giuseppe Zanotti ankle boots


Coach shoes





Silver jewelry


Suzanna Dai peacock earrings



Statement necklace


Oasis gold jewelry
$60 –




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