Rectangle Body Shape

Up next in our “Dressing for Your Shape” series: the Rectangle.
Rectangle Shape – a very angular shape torso is square shaped with little waist definition.
Goal: to accentuate and define waistline and give the illusion of an hourglass figure.
• Create a visual waistline with panel insets or contrasting colors
• An open neckline or off the shoulder look will broaden your shoulder line
• Choose a full skirt with vertical seam line or details to make legs appear longer
• Avoid high or drop waists, seek out tops and dresses that have a fitted waist
• Look for ruching, or gathered, waistlines to help define your natural waist
• When wearing long tunic style tops put a belt over it to add waist definition
When choosing clothing styles and accessories, the item should match the body shape. Since the Rectangle is an angular body shape you will want to seek out angular lines in clothing and accessories as well.
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Rectangle Body Shape


Raxevsky long sleeve knee length dress
$48 –


People Tree striped shirt
$40 –





Versace handbag




$73 –





BeckSöndergaard green scarve
$30 –




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