Triangle Body Shape

Up first in our “Dressing for Your Shape” Series:
Triangle Shape – a very common shape. Hips are wider than bust and shoulders.
The goal: minimize lower body and create the visual illusion of a wider upper body. This will help achieve balance and create an hourglass shape.
•Wear wide necklines to create the appearance of wider shoulders
•Full skirts will hide heavy hips and legs
•Draw the eye upward by selecting details at the neck line
•Avoid bulky or straight skirts
•Diagonal lines in clothing styles will flatter your shape
•When choosing prints look for a smaller print as opposed to a large print
•Choose darker colors on the bottom and lighter colors on top
•Define the waist with fitted clothing or belt to give the illusion of an hourglass shape
•Look for tailored skirts and trousers
When choosing accessories you’ll want to look for bold styles. Long, drop style earrings can elongate the neck, look for larger pieces of jewelry like statement necklaces and chunky bangle bracelets to emphasize your best features and draw the eye upward.

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Triangle Body Shape


Oscar de la Renta frilly top



Fendi pants
$680 –


French Connection flower print skirt



Jessica simpson sandals


Louis Vuitton canvas zipper bag
$955 –



Yossi harari


Hervé Van Der Straeten bib necklace
$1,955 –



Citrine earrings


Tom Ford round eye glasses




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