What’s your body shape?

Dressing for body shape is an important tool I teach my clients. Over the next couple of weeks I will be doing a blog series on identifying your body shape and provide tips to flatter your particular silhouette. First, lets talk about what body shape is and why it is important to identify yours.
Just what is body shape? It is defined as the overall silhouette of your body, meaning the contours of your figure based off of your waist, bust and hip measurements. According to the National Geographic physical beauty is mostly an assessment of symmetry. Not only facial symmetry, but body symmetry also, is emerging as a sign of biological fitness.
Well. What does that mean exactly for us imperfect people? It means that by identifying our shapes we are able to dress our figures in styles that flatter our silhouettes the best, thereby creating the illusion of a proportional figure and drawing attention to our best features. When we dress in silhouettes that don’t work for our shape it often brings focus to the disproportion of our bodies. So we want to utilize particular clothing styles to enhance our shapes and help us look and feel our best!
These are the most common body shapes we will encounter as women:
Triangle, also known as the A or the pear shape
Oval, also known as the O or the apple shape
Inverted Triangle, or the V shape, also described as the carrot
Rectangle, known also as the H or the banana
Hourglass, sometimes called the figure 8 or even the butternut squash!
For the purpose of this blog series I will be referring to them as the geometric shapes listed above. These fruit and vegetable references can be so silly. You are NOT a carrot or a banana or a pear, you are a woman (I presume!) and we are all shaped a bit differently. That is part of what makes us beautiful! I hope you enjoy this series – stay tuned for more! And feel free to comment below if you’d like to see some men’s shapes as well. I would be happy to oblige!


What's your body shape?



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