My Favorite Beauty DIY

My favorite do-it-yourself beauty treatment is shampoo free hair cleansing. Not only is the shampoo free method easy, it costs only pennies to make. I have been using this method to clean my hair for a year now. The reasoning behind going “poo-free” is that traditional shampoos strip the natural oils from your hair causing an over production of oils from your scalp to compensate.
The “poo-free” method of hair cleansing is found all over the Internet. I decided to give it a try myself last spring and I love it! My hair has never looked better. I did add some tea tree oil to my baking soda mixture as I love the smell, but you can do without or add any other essential oils of your choosing. I also add a bit honey to my conditioner to smooth out some frizzies in my hair, but again totally optional. And because of the hardness of the water in my area I do a final rinse with some diluted lemon juice to break up the calcium deposits in the hair. You may not need this final step depending on where you live and the condition of your water.
It took about six weeks for my hair to “detox” from traditional shampoo. It was not pretty, but in the end I believe it was worth it. I now only need to wash my hair two times per week, whereas before it was everyday. And because I’m not washing as often, I also do not heat style as often. Overall it has contributed to my hair looking and feeling healthier than it has in years.

The shampoo free method may work for you or it may not. I’ve heard stories of both. As you can see, I had to tweak my mixture and find what works best for my hair. You will probably need to do this as well, if you decide to give it a try. Some of my friends think I’m crazy but I see nothing crazy about avoiding spending hundreds of dollars on shampoos and conditioners every year! I haven’t quite convinced my husband to give it a try as of yet but, maybe we’ll get there someday. Maybe.

My Favorite Beauty DIY



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